Buck Rogers & The Martian Chronicles (Ep04)

Cinema Caroline brings us the first episode of Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, the first radio science fiction serial. This is followed by a science fiction classic by Ray Bradbury, The Martian Chronicles as presented by the radio anthology show Dimension X.

Chicken Heart (Ep03)

Cinema Caroline presents three features. Two are from the Lights Out radio anthology series.  The Dark brings us into a darkness that turns people inside out.  Chicken Heart shows us the world under attack by mutated chicken heart cells.  Third is Bill Cosby’s standup comedy routine spoofing kids’ fear of monsters.

Lost Horizon (Ep02)

Cinema Caroline presents Ronald Coleman in an Academy Award Radio Theater presentation of Lost Horizon, a tale of Shangri La and a lost paradise. Also presented is a Jack Benny Show featuring Ronald Coleman and his wife playing themselves as Benny’s put upon next door neighbors.